Meet Mama SaMammals,

your primary animal caretaker

Greetings, fellow pet pawents– Sam Rae K. here (Mama SaMammals to the actual fur babies). So happy you and your fav-fur-ite paws, claws, and/or wings made their way to my page.

- - -


It feels near impossible to put into words how much I love animals. But I know it is incredibly important for all of my pet parents learn about me. So, here goes nothin'…

I am a graduate of North Central College with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication, Interactive Media Studies, and Astrophysics. However, during the course of my studies I did fieldwork at Chicago's B.A.A.R.K. Foundation (BAARK) and volunteered at the South Suburban Humane Society (SSHS). Both are amazing organizations for animals and each became the schools where I learned my true calling.

At SSHS I volunteered and served as an animal attendant for eight years. There, I devoted my time and energy to a wider variety of pets: cats, rabbits, birds, and reptiles. 

During my three years with BAARK I was granted intensive experience with, and a profound understanding of, senior and special needs rescues – pit bulls in particular. In addition to caring for them, it gave me tremendous insight into the challenges of running a charitable organization such as this. 

Both organizations instilled equal knowledge on handling conflicts among animals. It also showed me how to work with dogs who were poorly trained, or not trained at all using rewards as a way of teaching desired behavior.


» Care for All Animals Under One Woof… Whether It’s Yours or Mine «

I am driven to master and harness as much of the infinite knowledge that I can in the field of pet care. I want to learn anything and everything animal. 

This is essential for creating a business that fulfills my mission of catering to a diverse population of pets. Whether domesticated animals such as dogs and cats, reptiles, and aquatic species, or the unique and exotic, I offer compassionate, safe, and responsive care to all. Even more, I know the science behind it all.

Licensed, bonded, and insured, I strive to be reliably communicative with my human clients, and observant beyond belief of my furry ones. A shelter assistant for so long, it taught me what it means to provide 5-star service for the compassionate care of their both physical and mental well-being.


» The Meet & Greet… Am I Mrs. Right? «

The first introduction to your pet is especially critical. It is my opportunity to understand the animal’s full scope of traits – temperament, level of exercise, response to commands, and more. This is also the moment when I determine whether I can commit to the care of a pet's individual needs long term.

If requested to petsit at your home, I respect and adhere to all house rules including things like the locking doors/closing garages, initiating security systems, mail upkeep, and more. Whatever is required to give you peace of mind is what I promise to deliver.


» 24/7 Safety & Cleanliness «

Your pets are cared for and loved in the cleanest, safest, most nurturing environment I can offer – my own home. In addition to constant as well as vigilant supervision and conscientiousness of animals under my care, I consistently purchase and replenish professional-grade cleaning products, and adhere to the following regimen:


∙ sanitize yard

∙ deodorize yard & patio 

∙ clean up dog poop EVERY TIME dog defecates

∙ keep track of stool health & report anything unusual

∙ pick up toys left outside after days of play & wash & rinse thoroughly before reuse

∙ apply diatomaceous earth & other outdoor yard/patio anti-flea & tick spray



∙ vacuum 1x/day

∙ deep shampoo carpet 2x/week

∙ wash and rinse bowls repeatedly throughout day

∙ wash and rinse bowls before & after meals 

∙ clean up feces & urine after house accident(s)

∙ clean dog crates EVERY morning  

∙ sweep 2x/day, mop 1x every other day

∙ clean walls daily



» Never Stop Learning «

As part of my love and devotion to caring for animals, I find the only way I can provide the care they need with the utmost confidence is by continually furthering my education about them. While I have a keen interest in canine behavior & psychology, here are some steps I have taken to be the best caregiver I can be:



∙ Diploma in Puppy AND Dog Socialization from Dr. Ian Dunbar Academy 

∙ CATCH-Certified Professional Dog Trainer

∙ Fear Free Pets-Certified Professional Animal Trainer  

∙ Pet Sitter's International-Certified Pet Professional 

∙ New Skills Academy-Certified Pet Psychology, Pet Nutrition, CPR, Grooming, First AID, and Pet Sitting Professional


Continuing Education:

∙ Attend Dr. Ian Dunbar Academy Seminars & Workshops 

∙ Attend Pet Sitters International Webinars & Conferences 

∙ Attend Fear Free Pets Webinars

∙ Udemy Online Canine Aggressive/Reactive Courses: e.g. Growl Class - A Workshop for Aggressive Dogs

∙ Active Member of Pet Behavior Education Network (BEN)



​» My Professional Philosophy, in Truth «

With a speciality or "niche," if you will, in dog socialization, it should come as no surprise that I am a firm advocate for the profound criticality of services such that daycare fulfill. Similar to humans, dogs must follow and grow from their own developmental compass. Likewise, dogs often need companions to help navigate. This is why proper development depends on the both physical and mental agents of exposure and acclimation to new places, people and things by positive stimulation of the senses. The rewards are as astounding as they are conspicuous when evaluating the behavior and overall comfort of well-socialized versus under-socialized dogs. They were bred for a specific purpose. Primitively speaking, canines constitute social beings with instincts to interact and engage with the outside world. They learn from each other, and they have the natural capacity to 'train' one another better than any educated, experienced human professional ever could. Simply put, I believe we do our so-called companions a tremendous injustice when we strip them of the opportunity to explore various environments, animals, people, and more.


- - -


SO, that’s a little about me!

Furry, furless, scaly, or slimy: I give each the attention, affection, and individualized care they need to be happy, healthy and comfortable while their humans are away. 

If you or your pet need anything, I am here for you.

Wag after me:

Cuddles. Not kennels.


Wag on!

It's all for you, Mary.