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SaMammals, LLC:

At Your Howl & Yowl 

(708) 860-2500

Homewood, IL

How may we best answer your howl and Yowl?

Home sitting & 

Check-in Visits

Home sitting:

I offer professional overnight pet care within your home. Have peace of mind that your pet(s) are maintaining their daily routine(s) and their specific needs are taken care of while you're away. This includes, for example, feeding, medicating, & exercising them appropriately. Watering plants, taking garbage bins out to the curb, bringing in mail, & other household chores are included in these visits. Owners typically request this option if they will be gone for an extended period of time and may feel uncomfortable leaving their pet(s) alone for too long. Plus, prices for check-in visits tend to add up. Click here for more details on home sitting.

Check-in Visits:

Check-ins are scheduled short visits in which I check-in on and cater to your pet(s)' specific needs including potty breaks, playtime, feeding, scooping litter boxes, etc. Similar to homesitting, small household chores can be included in these visits. Typically 30 mins in length, but longer or shorter visit times can be arranged on a case-to-case basis. Click here for more details on check-in visits.

Rosco (My dog growing up) - Great Pyrene

Pet Boarding &

Dog Daycare

Pet Boarding:

Pets spend the night in my home while you are away. I aim to keep your pet(s) as close to their everyday routine as my schedule allows. This includes, for example, feeding, medicating, & exercising them appropriately.  Owners will typically request this option if they will be gone for a more extended period of time & may simply prefer caretakers not provide service in their home while they are gone. Click here for more details on pet boarding.

Dog Daycare:

Dog daycare service is for dogs who do not require overnight care & need only to be watched during the day. I am flexible with drop off and pick up times, so long as they do not exceed the 8-12-hour care rate. Though not as long of a stay, you can rest assured that your dog(s) are having fun and getting plenty of exercise and attention at their new home away from home. 

Click here for more details

on dog daycare.

Doc - German Shepherd & Violet - Treeing



Time-to-Time Basis:

If you're looking for occasional assistance with dog walking, this option is for you. This service includes a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood to burn off extra energy and get much-needed fresh air and exercise. With this option, you can schedule walks on a more day-to-day and/or week-to-week basis. Walks can be shorter or longer than that typical 30 minutes per request. Click here for more details on 1-time-basis walks.

Repeat Weekly:

If you're looking to schedule walks on a regular basis, this option is for you. Weekly walks are typically on the same day and time each week and last 30 minutes, but can be shorter or longer per request. Click here for more details

on repeat walks.



Our Primary Caretaker

Greetings, fellow pet parents— Mama SaMammals here. So happy you and your favorite paws, fins, and/or wings found your ways to my personal page for my newly launched 24/7 professional pet sitting and dog walking business, SaMammals, LLC: At Your Howl & Yowl.

About Me


Fieldwork at Chicago's B.A.A.R.K. Foundation (BAARK) and the South Suburban Humane Society (SSHS) was instrumental in preparing me for a future in animal care. BAARK volunteer for over three years, I've devoted ample time & energy to its mission—that which fights to find homes for those often whom owners are least inclined to adopt and most inclined to give up for adoption. BAARK, in particular, granted me intensive experience with, and a profound understanding of, senior & special needs rescues—a whole lot of Pit Bulls—and their charitable maintenance.


In addition, as a volunteer and animal attendant for eight years at the SSHS, I've devoted the time & energy to a wider variety of pets: cats, rabbits, birds, & few from the reptile species. Both organizations, however, have instilled equal knowledge on handling conflicts among animals & their poorly, if ever, trained behavior as well as in the rewards of helping them.

From hobbyist to professionalhow my animal care career began, and how it became my 24/7 livelihood

Starting as a pet sitter and dog walker for, I owe much of my success in this industry—certainly my passion to follow more deeply in this career path—to this online establishment. I still remain a faithful sitter for Rover, booking several services and handling business transactions through its platform.


Indeed, it was, is, and will continue to be a wonderful business tool and promotional resource for attracting owners such as yourself, especially given only as of recent did I take the leap of faith in choosing to expand my craft and branch off on my own professionally.


Coupled with countless dogs, cats and a handful of other pets (birds, snakes, rats, turtles, bunnies, guinea pigs), with each booking, my concept of various species of animals--specifically that of dog breeds--sharpens.


Through individualized attention to pets, I am constantly learning, evolving and developing stronger sensitivity to how animals differ and relate as the family members they become from one household to the next.


With a passion to harness mastery within the infinite field of pet care, I am hungry for knowledge on anything animals. For, such knowledge is power in the establishment of a versatile business, one which offers compassionate, safe, and responsive care to a vast number of pets--whether domesticated, reptile aquatic, exotic, etc.


Nevertheless, the heart of my own personal specialty anchors itself within canine behavior & psychology, as it is through my specialized conscientiousness of dogs that I find myself and my business to flourish most. From giant & inherently more dominant, to mini and medium-sized dogs (though not at all small personalities), I've walked, watched, boarded, & home sat purebred & mixed breeds that together constitute the 7 main dog groups.


Impossible to name them all since many are rescues & thus official breed(s) were never determined. However, for owners who find that type of info helpful in their search for the right sitter, click here for an in-depth list of the dog breeds with whom I've been privileged to have as furry clients.


I cater to a diverse set of dog breeds. That meaning, not just for out-of-home care (i.e. homesitting, check-ins, and walks), but also for boarding and daycare, the SaMammals, LLC home I've made the dog-friendly version of Grandma's house, investing in pet products which seek to supply numerous breeds with items to suit their individual size, sensitivity level, playfulness, etc.

That I offer 24/7 pet care is no stretch of the truth. Home full-time, I dedicate my life to each service SaMammals, LLC provides. Licensed, bonded, and insured, I work to be reliably communicative with my human clients—and observant beyond belief of my furry ones. That way, I can ensure a trustworthy delivery upon being hired. A shelter assistant for so long, petsitting if anything teaches me more valuable lessons on animals, and what it means to foster a 5-star service for the compassionate care of their both physical and mental well-being.

I place extreme precedence on first introductions with owners and their pet(s) before proceeding with a service. So much so that it's highly unlikely I will book with an owner & sadly their fur child if one is not held prior to the requested booking date(s). It's critical I am familiarized and thus comfortable in committing to the care of a pet's individual needs: e.g. dry vs. wet food, medication(s) and feeding mechanisms, strict vs. flexible eating, exercise habits.


However, first introductions are especially critical so that I understand the full scope concerning the traits of which require hyper-vigilance. All pets practice their own vice: e.g. stool eating, snout or sight-driven wanderlust, aggressive chewing. I hence strive to be over-prepared should I need to take control of a situation as owners would in their instructions.


If requested to petsit at your home, I respect house duties/specifications: e.g. garage/door codes/keys (locking doors when I leave and keeping keys safe for return), mail upkeep, taking out garbage/recycling bins and bringing them to the curb.

Round of a-paws if you managed to read this far. You've reached the most important piece of information about myself as a pet sitter (and person) and my pet preferences! Lazy, hyper, energetic, cuddly, stubborn, drooly, skittish, dominant, protective, attention-obsessive, jumpers, incessant face-licking dogs—or, loving, friendly, shy, distant, and/or outright cold/mistrusting cats—whatever the pet and the personality unique to their breed and background, I love him/her as my own, always. ​


If I earned a dollar every time an owner expressed the intense anxiety they feel upon first meeting me and especially upon first leaving their pet(s) in my hands, I'd no longer need charge for service. I'd be financially set for life.

And so, fellow pet parents, please do not fear if your pet(s) tend to show signs and/or symptoms of, say, innate aggression, hyperactivity, health concerns, or anything you find may scare or annoy me. Not only do I possess natural patience, empathy, and open-mindedness; I practice it. And there is nothing I work to be as patient with, empathic for, and open-minded about as I do animals. On top of free consultations in which the owner and pet(s) meet me, and I, the owner and pet(s), I am ready and willing to set up what I call “trial runs," performing either one or more minor services for those who may need to get more used to me prior to officially booking.

Because I get it– your pet is your baby and deserves the very best care. You don't want to receive—I don't want to make—the frantic phone call about an incident that could've been prevented had I more adequately prepared to alleviate your worries. Animals can be a process, and there is nothing wrong with that. Come the moment they are comfortable, or otherwise trust me, I grant all pets—the furry, furless, scaly, or slimy—the attention, affection, and individualized care they need so they miss not one beat while their humans are away.


If nothing at all, please remember:

I am a professional pet sitter —

I am not a kennel.

Wag after me:

Cuddles, not cages.

Read More

***All supplies are addressed in the contract that owners sign prior to the beginning of any service***

- Plush & non-plush (+ squeakers) toys
- Tug ropes
- About every chew toy imaginable (e.g. Nylabones, antlers, Kong & feeder/busy toys)
- Tennis balls for days
- Classic rubber toys, balls, etc.
- Every kind of athletic ball (e.g. basketball, football, soccer ball), but for dogs (+ squeakers)

- Eye & ear moist wipes (daily cleansing if prone to eye tears or ear infections)

- Well & Good Dental Health Kit: 2-sided angled toothbrush, toothpaste, & 2 finger brushes
- Scissors *w/ safety-ball tips!* for hair cuts
- dental chews 
- Specialized de-shedding combs & brushes
- De-tangle spray

- Safe dematting combs

- Hertzo cat & dog self-cleaning slicker brush (massages pet whilst grooming)
*While I'd love to supply my own shampoos & conditioners, too often one brand or ingredient is either beneficial or detrimental for one specific breed (or individual pet). Thus, if looking to pay for grooming during a pet's stay, I ask owners at least tell me which ones to purchase should they not wish (or forget) to bring their own.*

- Doggy seat belts for days
- Car hammocks (prevents sliding forward if in the back) 

- Pet Kennelsol Germicidal Clean Disinfectant

- Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment 

- Curaseb Antiseptic Spray 

- Electronic Flea Comb: kills & stuns fleas on dogs & cats (RandomCola products)

- Veterinary Formula Clinical Care: Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo 

- Chlorhexidine Antiseptic Solution & Wipes

- Vet's Best Topical Flea & Tick Treatment

- Oral Feeding & Medicating Droppers
- Coats, hoodies, vests, & other outdoor (& indoor) clothing items for warmth & water resistance

- Paw & snout protectant cream for chapped or dryness
- NaturVet joint supplements (especially beneficial for seniors)
- Pill pockets: both capsule & tablet-sized (peanut butter, bacon, & chicken-flavored)
- Metal, wooden, & plastic separation gates should dogs not get along and/or are prohibited from certain areas
- Winix Air purifier (cleanses the air of house accidents & other animals, & human, odors; also provides healthy fresh air circulation)
- Diatomaceous Earth: backyard/garden pest-repellent product (for outdoor flea protection when pottying/playing in backyard)

*Having also invested in my share of Benadryl & all-natural calming chews, these are NEVER administered unless asked or recommended, or, for emergency purposes. Emergencies are as unpredictable, & inevitable as pets themselves. It’s imperative to be prepared for all kinds of unpredictable issues. It is as simple as that.*


- 2 L, 3 MED, 2 S, & 2 XS-sized washable dog & cat beds (including orthopedic)
- Throw pillows & fuzzy/warm blankets for days
- 1 XL, 2 L & 1 S-MED dog crate (though only used if asked, should dogs be either well crate-trained or feel more comfortable crated; in short, I'm not a kennel unless preferred)

*With these means to comfort, my husband & I have them within what we deem the designated doggy room. It is exactly how it sounds— your pets, on top of, realistically, having free reign over our home, have their very own room where sleep & comfort supplies are laid out just for them.*

- Large fully fenced-in yard

- Large outdoor doggy pool

- Large outdoor playpen
- 4 heavy tie-out leashes & 2 spiral stakes (for my escape artists)
- Everyday walking leashes, slip ropes & retractable/locking leashes
- XS, S, MED, L & XL harnesses
- poop bags... so.many.poopbags.

- NO RAWHIDE / RAWHIDE ALTERNATIVE (100% DIGESTIBLE) bone & dog chew brands of various flavors: e.g. Ecokind Pet Treats & Odorless Chews; Better Belly; DreamBones; SmartBones; SmartSticks; Purina Busy Bones; Bull Tail ChewsOinkies; Natural Nubs Chews; Blue Wilderness Dental Bones

- Pawstruck Filled Dog Bones / Dental Treats

& Chews 
- Various treat-filled busy bones
- Smoked/meaty bones 
- Various Bully Sticks
- Blue Wilderness training treats

*I do own rawhide dog bones, as some are more immune to it than others & can handle themif of course supervised & never eaten as a meal. However, any bone (or toy for that matter), no matter the brand or quality, is administered on a case-to-case basis. By all means owners have full right to discuss with me the feeding of bones, treats, chews, etc. beforehand should they not feel comfortable, or only feel comfortable, with them eating or chewing a specific brand, type/size, or flavor. So far, the brands I have come in numerous shapes/sizes as well as flavors. To name a few: peanut butter, chicken, bacon, cheese, beef, vegetable, smoked BBQ, and more.*


Dog Breeds


Alaskan Malamutes

Akita Inus
American Akitas

American Bullies
American Pitbull Terriers

American Staffordshire Terriers
Australian Cattle Dogs
Australian Shepherds
Basset Hounds
Bearded Collies
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Bluetick Coonhounds
Border Collies
Border Terriers
Boston Terriers


Bull Terriers

Cane Corsos
Chow Chows
Cocker Spaniels 
Doberman Pinschers
Doodle breeds (e.g. Aussiedoodles; Bernadoodles; Cockapoos; Goldendoodles; Labradoodles; Maltipoos;

English Bulldogs
English Mastiffs

Fox Terriers (Smooth & Wired)
German Shepherd Dogs
German Shorthaired Pointers
Golden (also White) Retrievers
Great Danes
Great Pyrenees
Italian Greyhounds
Jack Russell Terriers
Labrador Retrievers
Lhasa Apsos
Miniature Pinschers (Min Pins)
Miniature Schnauzers 
Old English Sheepdogs

Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Saint Bernards
Shih Tzus
Siberian Huskies
Soft-Coated Wheaton Terriers
Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Treeing Walker Coonhounds

Yorkshire Terriers

Pet Care Supplies
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proudly licensed, insured and bonded with:
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